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  1. "2016 International Anti-Corruption Day", 9 december 2016

  2. Stopping fraudsters in their tracks OLAF and Belgian Customs present results of cooperation in several large tobacco, biodiesel investigations 7 december 2016

  3. Eleven indicted as a result of OLAF tipping-off Armenian authorities about fraud scheme

  4. Follow the money: OLAF and European anti-corruption and police oversight bodies call for transparency of financial transactions

  5. The SRS Finance Police Department stops activities of a criminal group which dealt with sale of fodder grain and plastic granules

  6. With billions at stake, OLAF and Ukraine commit to deepening cooperation against fraud

  7. Giovanni Kessler, OLAF Director-General, on field mission at the EU Eastern border

  8. La douane et lOLAF prsentent les rsultats de lopration OCTOPUS

  9. Upholding the highest standards. OLAF helps seize more than two tonnes of counterfeit mechanical parts

  10. Member States make progress in detecting and preventing fraud with EU funds

  11. Fighting the illicit trade in tobacco products requires a joint global effort: EU calls on international partners to sign anti- smuggling UN treaty (FCTC Protocol)

  12. OLAF and United Arab Emirates authorities join forces to counter fraud affecting the EU financial interests

  13. Series of indictments in Romania in agricultural fraud case uncovered by OLAF

  14. Innovative Investigative Data Cross-Matching Platform set up by OLAF and the World Bank Integrity Vice Presidency

  15. EU Member States granted citizenship to almost 900 000 persons in 2014

  16. All hands on deck OLAF helps national authorities seize 100 million cigarettes

  17. OLAF strengthens investigative cooperation with partner enlargement countries

  18. OLAF curbs cross-border fraud and closes record number of investigations in 2015

  19. ECCD of Latvia this year has already sent six EU structural funds fraud cases for prosecution

  20. "OLAF and ANAC team up to tackle corruption in Italy and beyond"

  21. "Fighting the illicit activities of organised criminals in the field of EU financing: OLAF and the Italian National Prosecutor exchange expertise"

  22. "Rising to the challenge Economic Crime Agencies cooperate in fight against cross-border infringements"

  23. "Customs Police Department of the State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia helps to stop the activities of an international organised criminal group"

  24. "Romanian Members of Parliament prosecuted following OLAF investigation"

  25. "Historic OLAF case leads to convictions in Italy"

  26. "Commission earmarks more than 14 million euros for fight against fraud"

  27. “Operation Virginia”

  28. ”Smugglers' New Year's plans blow up in smoke: OLAF helps seize over 75 million cigarettes at the turn of the year"

Oficialii europeni despre activitatea DLAF
Giovanni Kessler, Directorul General al OLAF:
"Colaborăm foarte bine cu Direcţia de Luptă Antifraudă - DLAF ."
"Departamentul de Luptă Antifraudă - DLAF este un bun exemplu şi pentru alte state membre. Suntem foarte mulţumiţi. Ne bucurăm că este foarte operativ şi noi beneficiem de activitatea lui, ne este de folos."


OLAF-DNA investigaţie comună într-un caz de fraudă şi corupţie în cadrul programului de distribuire gratuită de alimente în România

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